Monday, 26 August 2024

Digitalization Workshop

In addition to the scientific program, TC6 Digitalisation is organizing a workshop gathering together experts, stakeholders, and all other interested colleagues from academia, metrology institutes, and industry. The workshop aims to combine hands-on experience of digitalization in metrology with a look into the future of metrology in the digital era. What will metrology look like in Smart Cities? Will AI and remote services replace today's conformity assessment? How may a document-less quality infrastructure look like? These are the guiding questions we want to discuss and share with the attendees of the IMEKO World Congress 2024 in Hamburg, Germany.

Tuesday, 27 August 2024

Quantum Technology Workshop

  1. Short pitches about “news in quantum” 
  2. QT for applications in medical physics and biological physics, and QComm,
    including keynote by Ulrik Andersen from DTU in Denmark (confirmed), and a few confirmed contributions)
  3. Cross-sectional session with other IMEKO TCs

Wednesday, 28 August 2024

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Workshop dedicated to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in cooperation with WIMER (link:

Workshop on Metrological Traceability

Organized by the CIPM Forum on Metrology and Digitalization in partnership with IMEKO Technical Committees TC6 (Digitalization), TC8 (Traceability in Metrology), and TC21 (Mathematical Tools for Measurements)

Session 1: Foundational principles of metrological traceability and how those principles can be architecturally modelled and implemented in the digital transformation of international quality infrastructure.

Session 2: Outlook into the future how the core concepts of traceability are being reimagined and applied to digital frameworks. With a special focus on new developments in digital metrology (e. g. digital twins, sensor networks, and digital calibration certificates), this session will show how traditional metrology is evolving.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore a range of topics, from the digitalisation of traceability in classical metrology to innovative applications in industry and research. The workshop is designed to foster discussion on advanced methods, new approaches, and collaborative projects.