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XXIV World Congress

26–29 August 2024 | Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg Elbphilharmony and harbour


Gateway to the World

Hamburg suburb


A Rich City

Hamburg Speicherstadt



Hamburg Elbphilharmony


Unesco World Heritage

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Hamburg Elbphilharmony and harbour


Maritime Spirit

houses with special architecture



Gull and a boat


Cry of Gulls

Party in the dark


Entertainment Mile

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Hamburg has always been home to measurement. Generations of traders have scaled their goods and still do: formerly oriental spices in ounces, today containers in megatons.

That made Hamburg a rich city.

Yes, Hamburg is bourgeois but with a rebel heart. With HafenCity, Hamburg redraws its boundaries and makes the link between the port and the warehouses of Speicherstadt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015. Like hardly any other city, Hamburg combines contrasts as tradition and modernity or down-to-earthness and wanderlust. Between 1850 and 1934 about five million people travelled from Hamburg to the New World on steamships—hence the nickname “Gateway to the World”.

Hamburg still is Germany’s biggest port and its maritime spirit infuses the entire city: from architecture, to menus and the cry of gulls, you always know you’re near the water.

Enjoy Hamburg’s omnipresent cosmopolitanism: in the multicultural eateries, its countless serious, colorful or bizarre cultural events and on the world-famous Reeperbahn, which has developed from a red-light district into the hippest German entertainment mile. “Anyone who has never [...] taken a stroll along the Reeperbahn is a poor wretch”, says a German song. This much is certain: Germany’s second-largest city is unique. Discover it!

The City in Figures
Length and Heights
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Number of streets, squares and bridges8,659
Number of bridges2.500
Heinrich Hertz Tower278 meters high
St. Michaelis (Michel)132 meters high
Elbphilharmonie110 meters high
Length of new Elbe tunnel3,325 meters
General Data
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Latitude53° 33’ N
Longitude10° 0’ E
Area755,1 sqkm
Land area91,9 %
Water surface8,1 %
Population1.8 million inhabitants
Size755.3 square kilometer
Trading companiesMore than 35,000
The Port
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Arrivals by ocean-going vessels8,719
Container vessels4,163
Tankers/bulk carriers2,832
Cruise ships156
Extraordinary large vessels with a length of over 330 metres and/or breadth of over 45 metres1,037