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See You in Hamburg


Somebody will accompany you to the IMEKO World Congress 2024? A very good idea!

The PTB will make this summer week in Hamburg an unforgettable experience for your partner as well. And in your time off you will follow your own individual fun schedule.

If you are not enthusiastic about visiting electrum, the Museum of Electricity, or DESY, the German Electron Synchrotron, then why not take a leap back into your childhood and let yourself be enchanted by the world’s largest miniature railroad? Or visit one of the more than concerts in countless concert venues, clubs or on fantastic open-air stages—the restaurants Hamburg offers an incredible range of authentic food from every corner of the world. Because openness is the credo of this city.

This also shows in the acceptance of the „Reeperbahn“. The once sinful mile, is now a hip amusement and gourmet district for everyone—would such a transformation be possible anywhere else in the world? The Reeperbahn district of St. Pauli still has a touch of the wicked about it, but that is, so they say, what makes it so charming.

The fascination of water that flows through Hamburg is undisputed: millions of tourists come every year for the harbor tours, museum ships, restaurants on ships or ship pontoons. They come for cafes and bars with a view of the Alster or Elbe, for doing sports on the rivers such as stand-up paddling or rowing, to enjoy the the Plaza, a freely accessible square 37 meters above the ground with a 360° panorama of the city. That promises you really good prospects in Hamburg, doesn’t it?

We can’t describe everything this great city has to offer. The following link-collection to international websites may help you find your personal fun highlights and the appropriate accommodation. Several foretastes and information sites will surely convince you.

See you in Hamburg!