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Getting around

No matter where in the world you come from, you can reach Hamburg quickly and safely via one of the 130 directly approached airports. And once you have arrived in Hamburg, countless buses, trains and ferries ensure that you reliably reach everything you want to discover. You will experience: besides the Hamburg rivers Alster und Elbe everything else is in flow this City.

Airport, trains, undergrounds and rapid transits provide fast and reliable rides to and throughout the Hamburg region—whatever the traffic conditions on the roads may be like. On top of this there is a network of buses and ferries with easily understandable information at many stations.

Underground and rapid transit services (U and S) keep running through the night in the Hamburg urban area at weekends. This city keeps moving.

Hamburg international Airport, Helmut Schmidt (HAM), is located within city limits and offers a train connection of only 20 minutes to its downtown area. Hamburg Airport welcomes 37,000 passengers per day. Be one of them and join IMEKO World Congress in this amazing metropolis!