Information for Exhibitors

General requests

Secretariat WC2024
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Bundesallee 100
D-38116 Braunschweig

Technical equipment/CCH Exhibitor Service
+49 40 3569 7575

Conditions for participation

Floor plan

Preliminary planning document regarding the position of exhibition, poster and catering areas.
Preliminary booth rental starting from 400€/m² plus VAT and service charges via CCH Exhibitor Service.
Subject to changes, status November 2022.

1716151413121110924222523212019186 m²6 m²6 m²6 m²9 m²9 m²9 m²9 m²9 m²12 m²12 m²12 m²12 m²12 m²12 m²9 m²9 m²Technical SessionsTechnical Sessions
Booth no. Booth type Status Booked by
X9 prime booked  
X10 prime booked  
X11 prime reserved  
X12 prime available  
X13 prime reserved  
X14 prime reserved  
X15 prime reserved  
X16 prime reserved  
X17 prime reserved  
X18 regular reserved IMEKO World Congress 2027
X19 regular available  
X20 prime available  
X21 prime available  
X22 prime available  
X23 prime available  
X24 prime available  
X25 prime reserved