Conditions for participation

1. Registration

You may only register for a booth through the Organizing Committee of the 2024 IMEKO World Congress, email address This registration is only legally binding after an exhibitor’s contract has been signed by the exhibitor and the organizer. As far as possible, requests for particular locations will be given consideration subject to availability. By signing the exhibitor’s contract, the exhibitor must take note of these instructions for participation in the exhibition.

2. Allocating booth areas

The organizer is to allocate the booth areas, whereby the exhibitor’s requests will be taken into consideration as far as this is possible. Allocating booths will take place in the order that the registrations have been received.

3. Booth areas and prices

The prices for booths are to be as follows:

  • 12 m² Premium: 5,500.00 EUR
  • 9 m² Premium: 3,800.00 EUR
  • 9 m² Regular: 3,300.00 EUR
  • 6 m² Regular: 2,400.00 EUR

All prices are exclusive of value added tax and of the service fees of the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg. The booth prices depend on the size of the booth that has been booked and the category of that booth. The prices do not include the booth partition walls.

4. Supplementary charges

1. As an optional extra, a flat rate of 90.00 EUR per person and day will be charged for conference catering services during the exhibition covering 26–29 August 2024. This flat rate consists of two coffee breaks including a snack as well as a lunch buffet from 26–28 August. On 29 August, the flat rate covers a coffee break including a snack in the morning.

2. If you would like to take part in the optional gala dinner on 28 August 2024, you will be charged a flat rate of 140.00 EUR per person to cover the catering costs. These flat rates include the cost of the food along with the estimated service fees for staff, equipment and cleaning as well as a flat rate for energy. If you would like to register for the catering services that we have on offer, please contact the Organizing Committee by emailing this address before the congress starts; the Organizing Committee must however receive your email by June 2024 at the latest.

5. Technical services

The organizer will take care of the general lighting and heating/cooling. The costs of connecting the water and electricity supplies to the individual booths as well as the costs of the water and electricity consumed and all other services will be agreed between the exhibitors and the CCH.

6. Booth design

The rules about the exhibition booths are stipulated in the technical guidelines of the CCH ( These rules are legally binding. In the case of contravening these rules, the organizer has the right to dismantle the booth at the exhibitor’s cost. Each exhibitor is responsible for setting up, equipping and designing their booth. Exhibits are to be on display in the booths during the opening hours of the event.

7. Electricity consumption

The electricity consumed will be billed directly by the CCH (separate invoicing). Details about applying for the electricity supply can be found in the technical guidelines (

8. Cleaning

The organizer will take care of cleaning the halls and aisles. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own booths. If an exhibitor does not have their cleaning done by their own staff, only those firms designated by the organizer to do so are permitted to carry out the cleaning. Cleaning work must be completed each day before the event begins.

9. Exhibitor badges

Exhibitor badges will be provided by the organizer. The personal data required for this must therefore be given to the organizer four weeks before the event begins at the latest, i.e., by 25 July 2024.

10. Setting up and dismantling the booths

The exhibition booths can be set up on Sunday, 25 August 2024 from 1:00 pm onwards. Before the event finishes on Thursday, 29 August 2024 at 1:00 pm, it is not permitted to dismantle any of the booths or partially clear anything away. The exhibition booths must be removed from the CCH building by Thursday, 29 August 2024, 10:00 pm at the latest. If this is not the case, considerable costs will occur for using the premises for longer than agreed. The exhibitor in question will be billed for these costs, where applicable for the full amount.

11. The rights of the property owner of the CCH

The organizer exercises its rights as a property owner as regards the exhibition and conference areas as well as the access roads. This applies for the duration of the event including the setting-up and dismantling times. Animals may not be taken onto the exhibition site. The organizer is entitled to take photos and make films of the events that occur during the exhibition, of the booths and of the exhibits. The organizer is furthermore entitled to use such images free of charge for advertising purposes or press material. If you do not want to have such images taken, please inform our photographers of this beforehand.

12. Data protection

The organizer will save and process your data so that your registration for this event can be completed. This data will be passed on if this is necessary to complete this process. This also applies to personal data submitted for contacts or staff members from your organization if applicable. With your signature, you agree to the above and confirm that you have the corresponding consent from these individuals.


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